About Me

Visual Communication Designer & Developer with 15+ years’ experience and a Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design).
Combining a strong design instinct, creative thinking and excellent project management skills with an aptitude for assuming additional responsibilities, I am driven by an audience-focused approach and an ethos of always learning, always adding value and always making a positive contribution.

Design & Project Delivery

Responsive Website Planning, Design and Build

  • I have received recognition from clients and project team members for my ability to deliver a Client Needs, USP and ESP Analysis and site wireframe that significantly informs the project build.
  • And for designing bespoke websites that are attuned to the client brand and target audience.
  • I am highly skilled in designing and implement a Site Architecture and User Experience that is optimised for each client and their target audience.
  • And in scoping out and delivering the technical aspects of a website build.
  • I have also gained recognition for the user-friendliness of the content management training I have provided, the support documentation I have created and for the on-going support I have provided.

Information Architecture, Usability and User Experience Planning & Design

  • Proven track record of developing websites that are end-user-focused, and help clients understand the benefits of this and thereby realign themselves to that approach.
  • Gained recognition from clients for taking a flexible project management approach so as to deliver websites usability and user experience optimised websites. This has included:
    • Working in Limerick Clare ETB offices with the client project delivery team on the editing, adding and structuring of their content for the Limerick Lifelong Learning website. Thereby enabling them envisage how the backend-structure solution I designed made the website audience-friendly, and the content management practical and user-friendly for them.
    • Enhanced the site’s usability for their audience by implementing a JQuery & CSS solution that enabled users to increase the text size and change the site colours throughout the website.
  • Proven ability to identify and address Information Architecture, Usability and User Experience issues that are specific to each client. This has included:
    • Identifying the site I had been commissioned by Hennessy + Associates to migrate from Flash to WordPress wasn’t a) differentiating between construction industry professionals and non-professionals, and b) the site didn’t identify which services Hennessy + Associates provided on each project. Addressing these issues on the new site by branching the site into 3 sections: one for architectural practices; one for construction industry professionals; one for non-industry people. And designing symbols/identities for each core service, setting the relevant service symbols to automatically appear as interactive element on each project.
    • At my first meeting with Camillus Muldowney using a simple Q&A session to create a wireframe for his new site, and going from a blank page to quickly getting down on paper the first draft of the text for the Home and Services pages.
    • Preparing a ReDesign and Redevelopment Strategy Document for O’Neill Architecture, based on a Site Architecture and User Experience that reflected the target markets my client had identified at our meeting. And then working-up the initial draft of each of the new service sections from my client’s answers to a Q&A document I had provided. I then progressed with the build and launch of O’Neill Architecture’s new website.

Identity Design, Logos, Icons & Infographics - Conceptualisation & Design

  • Successfully designed and delivered logos and stationary suites for state-sponsored and local government bodies, architects, health care professionals and SMEs.
  • Designed and implemented information and wayfinding icons and signage, as well as designing and optimising branding and navigational elements for websites.
  • Designed infographics and organograms for websites, brochures, multi-million euro tender submissions.

Design & pre-print production of brochures, reports, tender submissions and more

  • Provided client-specific graphic design and pre-print production of a range of promotional material, optimised for professional printing – digital and lithographic – and inhouse printing.
  • My experience and skillsets also includes providing a co-ordinating and editorial role, as well as the design and production. This is build on my experience delivering a wide range of brochures. And my role in a significant number of Architecture and Construction Team Tender Submissions, including:
    • Independent review of briefing documentation and entry compliance criteria.
    • Graphic design and formatting of the submission package.
    • Co-ordination of the roles and responsibilities of all the principals involved under the tender documentation’s key headings.
    • On-going collation, review and formatting of content supplied.
    • Origination of supporting diagrams, tables and graphics and the design and formatting of supporting documentation.
    • Critical review of the draft submission and highlighting of areas for improvement.

Photography, Photo Manipulation and Illustration

  • Extensive experience of optimising images for both print and screen publication, including changing and enhancing colours, sharpening and increasing clarity as well as removing minor blemishes and unwanted elements, etc.
  • Strong record of providing advanced post production digital touch up and optimisation, including: creating compositions of two or more photographs; removing significant blemishes and unwanted elements; ‘landscaping’ of open areas and unsightly elements, etc.
  • I am also an experienced photographer and have worked with a diverse range of clients to produce high quality photographs and photomontages for websites, vehicle signage, brochures and presentations. Including:
    • Photography of a charter helicopter as it hovered over a heli-pad, photography of scenic areas in Clare and then photoshopping the helicopter images into the aerial landscape photographs and the landscape panoramas I had taken. A ‘Helicopter over of Cliffs of Moher’ composite photo was used in the Helicopter Charter’s vehicle signage as well as on the company website.
  • Architectural Photography for a number of architects, including O’Neill Architecture.
  • Infographics and organograms for brochures and tender submissions.
  • Print and screen illustration, including:
    • Modifying the few stock library illustrations my client Doras Bui and I found that worked for them, and then creating all the additional illustrations they needed, based on this style.

Project Planning and Management

  • My aptitude and ability for Project Planning and Management is best illustrated by my track record at Murray O’Laoire Architects:
    • “During Brian’s many years with us he showed excellent project management skills and continued to successfully take on additional responsibilities. Much of his work was conducted under tight deadlines and I cannot remember in his 12 years with us a single occasion where he did not deliver a high quality product on time.” – Ralph Bingham, Director
    • During my time in MOLA I was responsible for the design, co-ordination, on-going development and accessibility of MOLA’s marketing/submission material. I designed and formatted a significant majority of the documents and also inducted, including the provision of templates and training, a number of designers employed by MOLA.
    • I was also responsible for the planning, origination and maintenance of the Marketing and Tender Submissions sections of the company’s intranet, which provided a single-point access to MOLA’s company and project details, including links to download individual profile sheets in PDF format , and structured guidelines for completing submissions, including the relevant information for FAQs.
  • My years working as sole trader and delivering unique, client-focused, websites also testifies to ability to co-ordinate, plan and deliver.

Please see ‘Design & pre-print production of brochures, reports, tender submissions and more’ and ‘Information Architecture, Usability and User Experience Planning & Design’ above for more details on my Project Planning and Management skills.

Software Skills

Adobe Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Dreamweaver

  • I am very experienced in the Adobe Suite having worked in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat and Dreamweaver from CS3 up to the latest versions.
  • Using the Adobe Suite, I have created print-ready artwork for everything from stationary and leaflets to master plans for state-sponsored and local government bodies.
  • I have used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop extensively for designing client-specific websites and creating supporting raster and vector graphics.

WordPress, ExpressionEngine , HTML, PHP, JQuery, Sass (Scout), CSS, MailChimp

  • I originally designed and build websites in Dreamweaver and HTML, and subsequently text editors and HTML5, before building websites in WordPress. And ExpressionEngine. This have given me a strong foundation for customising templates, plugins and creating child themes. And for working in other content management systems.
  • My knowledge and experience with WordPress plugins is extension as I have researched, tested and customised a wide range of plugins to meet client needs.
  • As part of every build, I have identified and coded-in extra CSS, PHP and JQuery to deliver an optimised user experience.
  • Designed and set-up MailChimp Newsletter templates for clients and prepared ‘How To’ guides for clients.

Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • My experience with Microsoft Word includes template designs, brochures and large team submissions for construction tenders.
  • I have used Excel for project management, charts and graphs, and for importing products into WordPress (WooCommerce).
  • For many years I created PowerPoint presentations for appointment to multi-million euro construction tenders on a monthly basis.


LED Group

The LED Group is a worldwide lighting business selling the ROBUS brand of lighting solutions.

As LED Group’s Digital Designer, my role involved researching, planning, designing and managing the delivery of the company’s new family of websites and a suite of branded apps for LED Group’s stockists. Including:

  • Analysis of LED Group’s existing websites, profiling of LED Group’s customer groups and planning of targeted selling propositions.
  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis of competitor websites.
  • Developing the website design-build brief for the initial website, and the initial web app.
  • Wireframing, content planning and design of LED Group’s new website.
  • Design and build of all company profile web pages in ExpressionEngine CMS, with optimised UI, UX and SEO.
  • Preparing tendering briefing documentation for back-end integration and optimisation of one-way synchronised product and employee data from SAP Business One.
  • Design and build of template pages for the ROBUS product categories, product families and product profiles pages.
  • Packaging of ExpressionEngine CMS website, with detailed handover documentation, for the appointed service provider to complete the back-end integration of product and employee data, and optimised site and product search.

Create Brand Consultants

Create is a Dublin brand consultancy providing original brand identities, brochures, websites, signage and more.

My primary role with Create involved the development of bespoke websites, from template through to deployment. I also worked on branding projects and brochure development. Key roles and responsibilities included:

  • Project scoping, developing and on-going technical maintenance of client websites.
  • Branding projects, including name generation, research and creative development.
  • Initial design implementation, content management and version control, and pre-print production of brochures, leaflets and catalogues.

The One Image

The One Image was a one-man design studio I established in response to approaches by consultants, service providers and businesses who wanted to work with me.

I provided clients with a range of customer-centred, flexible, design and production services. My blended approach of experience, capability, creativity and collaboration gained me recognition as being “committed, visionary and diligent”. The services I provided included:

  • Working with clients to identify and develop branding and communication solutions, attuned to each client’s specific needs and market opportunities.
  • Helping my clients to see themselves, and their business proposition, from the perspective of their target audience.
  • Designing and building websites specific to each client and their target-audience.
    Initial concept development and design work in Illustrator and Photoshop. Building sites in NotePad and WordPress using the Bones WordPress Starter theme, PHP, JQuery and CSS to visually communicate the personality and selling proposition of each client.

Murray O’Laoire Architects

I worked as Senior Graphic Designer with Murray O’Laoire Architects from 1998 to 2010.

During this time, while working autonomously, as a team player and as a team leader as and when appropriate, I provided a diverse range of screen and print design and development services. Including:

  • Design and development of the company’s initial website and later, more advanced, website.
    Notably, MOLA’s website was voted best architectural website in 2003 by the Sunday Business Post.
  • Design and development of MOLA’s intranet, Fios. I also worked closely with MOLA’s Information and IT Managers, Denis O’Kelly and Ger Somers, in developing and enhancing Fios’ Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX).
  • Origination and maintenance of the content for Marketing and Tender Submissions sections of Fios, and for the origination, branding and development of an extensive range of printed marketing material, including the firm’s company profile, project profiles, newsletters and brochures
  • Design, collation and production of marketing and tender submission material and packages, frequently delivered under tight deadlines and necessitating excellent project management skills.
    MOLA received widespread recognition for their high quality of design and information architecture.


  • Graduated from the Limerick School of Art & Design, LIT with a Degree in Visual Communication in 1998.
  • Successfully undertook Dundalk IT’s part-time ‘Higher Diploma in Business in Small Enterprise Support’ 2010-2011.